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Affordable Healthcare Services

Wishing to be seen by a Fort Myers Physician at an Affordable Rate?

Dr. K young maleDr. Kordonowy recommends affordable Concierge Memberships for new patients who wish to join the practice. However, options for cash payment at time of service are available for patients that do not wish to join as Concierge Members.

Dr. Kordonowy is a Liberty HealthShare provider, but does not accept other forms of insurance. Cash payment is due at the time of service.

Prices for services offered by Dr. Kordonowy are listed below. Call our office at (239) 362-3005 ext 200 to schedule an appointment.

All non-medicare patients require a membership for any service other than a consultation.

The cash prices below are for members only.

**Reporting health expenses to your insurance carrier can result in higher future premiums. Neither we nor you are obligated to submit medical expenses to your insurance. We are happy to provide you with information as well as document health care service claims with your insurance if you wish. We can assist you in filing with your insurance but you are listed as the beneficiary of any payments determined by your carrier.